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报关 怎样翻译成英文

回答和翻译如下 : Declare at customs 报关 。

报关 名词:customs declaration 动词: make a customs declaration

Please modify the amount of orders, the total amount can not exceed 600 US dollars, or can not be free samples declaration. And also need you to explain and provide instructions to UPS. Re-application will take some time, durin...

The first batch of products, we will apply to the customs in the name of equipment . But these two barrels of liquid which you offered are can't be classified to the equipment .(They can not apply to the customs in the name of ...

换单 document transfer 报关 customs clearance 报检 CIQ inspection 交税放行 release the goods after paying duties

这样操作的报关风险太高,是不允许的 It’s not permitted due to high risk of customs clearance.

which party handle customs declaration? yours or mine?

进/出口集中报关货物申报单的英文翻译_百度翻译 进/出口集中报关货物申报单 Import / export declaration declaration 全部释义和例句试试人工翻译 declaration_百度翻译 declaration 英[ˌdekləˈreɪʃn] 美[ˌd<...

货物今天发出,下周一在海关报关,报关好后,我会告诉货物的跟踪号。 英语翻译: The goods will be sent today, and apply to customs next Monday. I will tell you the tracking number of the shipment after the customs declaration.

1、我们会给你们寄我们的报关资料,你们单独帮我们报关,是需要报关退税的,报关后请提供报关单,用qq发底稿就可以 1, we will send you our customs declaration material, you help us customs declaration alone, is the need to declare tax...

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