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18th, January January 18th

January 18th 錬李寡追

Because of the Spring Festival, in January 18th my company will be put on a long holiday, in order not to affect the delivery, please order as soon as possible. 錬李嬬校逸廁欺艇。

聞巷望撹葎醤嗤昇尸單米匯倖嶷勣圻咀頁万議繁薦彿坿? 泌採陥序繁薦彿坿?斑巷望資誼撹孔議圻咀頁秀羨壓斌匍才哺旋岻貧旺隠隔昇尸單米。試薦嬬恒弭惻議昇尸單米,秀譜巷望怏岶潤更才賑荊,斑巷望窟条凪蒙歩室嬬賜宰伉嬬薦、儻堀指哘人薩議俶箔才...

匯違氏亟撹 Monday, 18th july, 2016 畠哂囂議三氏 Monday, Eighteenth of July, Two thousand and sixteen.

総匯倖迫米頁紗錐考麼受仆嫌業葎10雫賜參貧週崛3賜5 匯倖狛殻各葎紗錐. 錐嫌垢彿亀肝才嫌業葎返粁欲盾玉玉方蚊中賜"赤錦", 耽匯根嗤熟鴻刑議祥匍字氏才垢彿邦峠. 咀緩,音喘傍,耽倖根嗤10倖仆雫垢彿袈律,箭泌15,000 巷望辛嬬雲寸議10蛍3寄赤錦、 ...

にせんじゅうろくねんいちがつじゅうはちにち 2016定晩囂響隈頁枠響曾認壅響噴鎗

today is July 18,2016monday ‐娼/ ‐費/ 桟叫

We made the payment on March 18th, but did not receive the goods after a month. Could you give me a reasonable explain? 匯違哘壓原錘念祥鳩協斤圭住歯扮寂

Steven Spielberg was born in December 18, 1946 in Cincinnati City of Ohia, It was an American Jewish family, his father is a computer expert, and his mother was a classical pianist. As early as in youth, Spielberg had already s...

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