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名词 appearance 副词 apparently

appearance [E5piErEns] n. 出现, 露面, 外貌, 外观 appearance ap.pear.ance AHD:[…-pîr“…ns] D.J.[*6pi**ns] K.K.[*6p!r*ns] n.(名词) The act or an instance of coming into sight. 出现,显露:出现的动作或情况 The act or an ins...

后接不定式。 备注:appear的用法 1.是不及物动词,因此不能有宾语,也不能用于被动语态。 如: 正:Soon the stars appeared in the sky. 不久天空中出现了 星星。 误:Soon the stars were appeared in the sky. 误:Soon the sky appeared th...

appear是动词, 它的名词是appearance, 是可数名词, 复数格式appearances.

此时appear相当于一个系动词,比如look,become。 He looks very young in that coat. The weather becomes warmer and warmer.

名词形式是appearance(外表,外观). 例句:Don't judge by appearances.(不要根据外表来判断)。

keep 是系动词,后面加形容词如keep healthy 保持健康.类似的词还有表示感觉的连系动词有:look ; feel ; smell ; sound ; taste 等 表示状态的连系动词有:be ; appear ; seem ; keep ; remain ; continue ; stay ; prove 等

professional本身就是形容词 不能做名词 名词应该是 profession 或者 professionally

1、Laptop computers are popular all over the world and give people easy access to the Internet. 笔记本电脑在全世界都是流行的,他可以让人们很容易的去使用internet 2、Li Ping’s father has been an English teacher since he graduated...

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