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这句话的意思是: 你对这事必须守口如瓶。 如果说: you mustn't say a word of it, 意思就是对此事不能说出一个字。 而本句用breathe 代替 say, 语气更加强烈, 意思是连呼气透口气都不可以含有这件事的一个字的信息, 所以是绝对的不许说出一...

Cause I can't breatheSo much noiseThat I can't seeI'm falling deepWho...Or not say a wordThat's where I knowJust who I amStay with meJust ...

Spencer Lee / Still I Fly "Still I Fly" There' a time in your life When the world is on your side You might not feel it You might not see it But it surrounds you like a light Makes you stronger for the fight Never letting go Go...

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