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Cook A mEAl怎么读

一、cook a meal意思: 做饭; 做一顿饭; 煮饭; 例句 1. Many accounts attest to a somnambulist leaving their house clad only in underpants, or rising to cook a meal and returning to bed without so much as tasting it. 许多报道证...


都可以。 加了the就是有特指某一顿饭。 供参考。

meal for (cook sb. sth.=cook sth. for sb.)

cooking 进行时

C 题考查交际用语。当对方表示感谢时,常用的答语有:You’re welcome./ It’s nothing./ That’s all right./ Don’t mention it./ It’s a pleasure./ It’s my pleasure./ That’s nothing./ It was no trouble at all.等。A项意思为“乐于效劳”;D...

对的 这个男的会做饭么?

改成什么疑问句啊? 改成一般疑问句:Do you usually cook a meal in the evening? 改成特殊疑问句: (提问in the evening):When do you usually cook a meal? (提问cook a meal):What do you usually do in the evening? (提问usually)...

cook改为cooking才对,用一般现在时态的话句子应该是: My mother cooks a meal. 【Me YC真诚为你解答此题,若有疑问请及时追问,满意望及时选为满意回答】

cook the meal能不能加s与数量有关。 1、cook the meal是做一顿饭的意思。 2、cook the meals是做几顿饭的意思,由于做饭的数量为复数,所以要加s。 3、cook the meal中的the使短句表示做饭这个行为,所以可以加s。 4、加s后整个短句由做一顿饭...

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