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get one's way 英 [ɡet wʌnz wei] 美 [ɡɛt wʌnz we] [法] 为所欲为,遂心所欲

make one's way 艰难前行;跋涉 e.g.They were making their way for their destination, through the jungle. get one's way.执意地按自己的方式行事;不达到目的不罢休 e.g.Two-year-olds often scream until they get their way.

get in one's way:挡住 ... 的路。 例句: Her social life get in the way of her study.她的社交生活妨碍了学业。 Can I go along with you? I won't get in the way.我能和你一块去吗?我不会碍你事的。 He was not going to let anything o...


out of one's way [aut ɔv wʌnz wei] 不在预期的路线上 不当某人的路 双语例句 One of our best workers was pushed out to make way for the director's son. 我们中的一个最好的工人被不公平地辞掉了,为的是给主任的儿子让位.

make one‘s way让步;成功/前进,前往,行进 Fall in one's way 被……得到;让遇到;为……力所能及 force one's way. 挤冲出一条路 go one's way 行走;继续 be on one's way 上路;离开 set in one's ways 死心眼, 脾气固执 beat one's way [美俚...

get in one's way 是一个固定词组,作动词用充当谓语,主要词义有两个: 1.挡路 I couldn't walk very fast because a lot of people got in my way. 2.妨碍 He is busy with his work now .Don't get in his way. 这个词组不易和其它词组相混...

go-out-of-one's-way-to-do-sth 特地做某事 双语例句1. Workers scrambled to carry priceless objects out of harm's way. 工人们争先恐后地将价值连城的物品运到安全的地方。 来自柯林斯例句 2. Put the vase out of harm's way so the childr...

lose one's way 迷路 双语例句 1.It's easy to lose your(one's) way in Venice. 在威尼斯很容易迷路。 2.When although be in, facing new virus, the software that reduce toxin can become lose one's head, get online as oneself seek the...

get one's own way 直译是 “走自己的路”,相当于汉语的 “我行我素” 或 “为所欲为”。

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