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immersed in which,是过去分词做状语,其实是后面非限制性定从中的状语。同时in which也是引导后面非限制性定从关系词并作从句中的状语修饰过去分词。 。本句= I adore the business culture in company,and immersed in it,I can broaden my v...

这是直译: 由于空气有着重量,所以它会对处在其中的物品施加力量。 简单来说: 处在空气中的物品会承受空气重量的压力。

I am forever immersed in the sadness of loneliness 我永远沉浸在寂寞的悲伤里


也许我将改变这种我总是沉浸在悲伤中的处境。 这里的where引导的是定语从句,而situation就是 where之前的先行词了,where在定语从句中充当状语成分,相当于介词+which,这里即是in which.

其实这是个省略句 完整的如下: So many times i have felt a sadness when (I am) exposed to modern children so immersed in the electronic. 因为前后主语一致,因此进行了省略 希望对你有帮助~~~

simple to learn, full of power and passion, is in line with modern taste...If not for a while," disco" you will completely immersed into them, ...

我会说,What is the interval between the two cars? How long is the interval...? 也没错 wrapped up in = completely immersed in 完全沉浸于 ...

On Thanksgiving atmosphere, George didn't celebrate holidays with my friends, but read his father left immersed in his diary. Her father in two successive...

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