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immersed in which,是过去分词做状语,其实是后面非限制性定从中的状语。同时in which也是引导后面非限制性定从关系词并作从句中的状语修饰过去分词。 。本句= I adore the business culture in company,and immersed in it,I can broaden my v...


这是直译: 由于空气有着重量,所以它会对处在其中的物品施加力量。 简单来说: 处在空气中的物品会承受空气重量的压力。

Fuyangzhijian, anxious fleeting scene. Seems to have surfaced in the day yesterday. Passion of the sports arena, who selflessly to conquer the race track? The swimming pool, who is desperately paddled spray, just to get the cla...

fully immersed in high dielectric epox...的中文翻译 fully immersed in high dielectric epoxy material 完全浸渍在高介电环氧材料

完全沉浸于英语 Totally immersed in English Immersed in English completely

其实这是个省略句 完整的如下: So many times i have felt a sadness when (I am) exposed to modern children so immersed in the electronic. 因为前后主语一致,因此进行了省略 希望对你有帮助~~~

Internet addiction refers to persons due to prolonged and habitually immersed in the network in time and space, a strong dependence on the ...

In the atmosphere of Thanksgiving Day,George didn't celebrate the holiday with his friends but indulge himself in reading the diary which left ...

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