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因为习惯用法,这真没办法解释。比如:in English。用英语。我就从没见过at English。因为英文就不这样用。祝你学习进步。

请用英文回答下面的问题。5分。 你如何理解。。。两者之间的矛盾的?

in 用某种语言的时候,用某种话语,语气,都用介词in


1. remember 2. let 3. took away 4. spend 5. organize

小题1:G小题2:E小题3:F小题4:A小题5:D 试题分析:小题1:根据Second, your notes are excellent materials to refer to when you are studying for a test. Third, note-taking offers variety to your study time and helps you to hold your i...

1when you re gone

But the words won't come out.却唱不出任何话语...U better lose Urself in the music,the moment....He goes home & barely knows his own daughter....

And it was all in vain但这都是徒劳Time starts...always needed time on my own我总是需要自由支配...The words I need to hear我需要听到的那些词汇to...

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